Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen Live | Exclusive PPV Fight | Preview Official Promo @ More On Direc.TV - 27Th,Apr!

UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen Live Streaming PPV Fight Review & More!
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UPCOMING INFO : Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen
COMPETITION NAME : UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen 2013
COMPETITOR : Jones vs Sonnen
DATE : Saturday, 27Th,Apr,2013
TIME/WHEN START : 10:00 PM [ET] / 07:00 PM [PT]
VENUE : Prudential Center, NEWARK.
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The Light Heavyweight Title fight between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 is going to be nothing more than a one-sided pummeling. Jones is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, and Sonnen is an overmatched challenger who's used his mouth to get to the top.

If you haven't read Tim Marchman's wonderful takedown of Sonnen, do yourself a favor and check it out.

There's nothing admirable about the way Sonnen has gotten to the top. He's won fights, but without his mouth, Sonnen wouldn't be anywhere near the title picture. Sure, he's played the pro wrestling heel and managed to create a reaction. That doesn't give him a free pass to say whatever he wants.

Sonnen has almost turned into a caricature of the kind of boxers Muhammad Ali would face off against back in the 60s and 70s. They would make disparaging, often racist remarks toward Ali in an effort to try and throw the champ off his game.

All of Sonnen's talk belies his actual talent in the Octagon, especially compared to his opponent. The champion summed up the situation perfectly back in November (h/t John Morgan of USA Today):

Silva took some blows, but none of them seemed to have much of an impact. The champion waited for an opportunity and found it with a knee that ended the fight in the second round.

Sonnen is a good fighter, but he's simply nowhere near Jones' quality. Jones is one of the best fighters in the world and may turn out to become one of the best light heavyweights in UFC history. There's something staggering about the almost effortless way in which he's won some of his fights.

The fans who will tune into UFC 159 for Sonnen vs. Jones likely fall into one of two categories. There's the Sonnen fans who want and expect to see him beat the champion. Then there's the other side, which—rather than being pro-Jones—is anti-Sonnen and want to see him knocked out or submitted, thus revealing him as the fraud he is.